3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Business Coach for the Year 2022

No one will deny that the last two years have been tumultuous in the business world. Challenges with the pandemic, chip shortages, supply and demand, cost of material and the lack of workers has caused many businesses to lose profits if not balance on the brink of closing. Many CEOs are scratching their heads and wondering how to pull out of the chaos that these past two years has caused. If you are one of these business leaders, you may want to consider hiring a business coach for this coming year. A professional business coach may be the best investment of your time and money and more specifically a coach that specializes in high performance coaching. A high performance coach will work with you and your company in these three ways:

1. Assessment and Strategy

A business can be found in one of three stages. It is either in Chaos, Stability or High Performance. The high performance business coach will walk you through a series of activities that will assess what stage you are in and work to develop the strategies needed to move forward towards high performance. Organizations in chaos have inconsistent results, they are focused on the short-term, working in crisis mode, have shifting priorities and lack of teamwork. The company that is stable will show consistent performance results, have basic process, structure and systems in place, clarity of goals and direction and consistent priorities. A high performance business shows excellent performance results, growth of new business opportunities, excellent process, structures and systems aligned with strategy, their people are highly empowered and involved and there is great communication among teams.

2. Personal and Business Goal Setting

Leading a business can be very time consuming and stressful. It can have both personal and professional repercussions that are not positive. Your life partner, peers, employees and friends may not always understand what you are dealing with and may even contribute to some of the stress you are under. There may be a lot of noise in your head that needs sorted out and having the ability to discuss with a coach can be beneficial. Having a confidential quiet time weekly to focus on setting priorities and determining realistic goals can be life changing.

3. Accountability

A business coach has the ability to be objective and offer insight into what are your strengths and weaknesses as well as hold you accountable to the steps needed to accomplish established goals. You also have a safe environment to share your emotions and set a clear mind for remaining focused on the path ahead. A business coach may include assignments and activities that will keep you engaged as well as accountable to doing what is necessary to make changes that will benefit yourself and the company.

Make 2022 the year that your business and your personal life get on track for a successful, enjoyable and profitable year. Make the investment that will pay for many years going forward and hire a professional business coach.

Assessing Your Organization for High Performance

All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get.

How clear is the direction of your company right now? How well do you understand the critical opportunities and steps needed to take your company to the next level? How well does your team understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business? How effective are changes in only one part of your organization without understanding or considering changes to the whole?

The assessment of an organization’s health and the diagnosis of problems must precede any development or change of plans to improve the health of that organization. If you want to improve your business, you must first find out what it working and what is not working. This allows you to make intelligent and conscious decisions about how to improve it.

When starting a business most people do not aspire to achieve mediocrity. One would hope to start a business and be the best at something, right? A bakery store may want to be know for the best donuts in town, an insurance company would want the reputation of being able to offer the best policies to their clients and save the most money, a car dealership hopes to be the one place that everyone buys and services their vehicles and so on. Most people do not go through the trouble of running a business for the sole purpose of breaking even, agreed?

Businesses are living systems, dependent upon its external environment for survival. As a living system, an organization is “open” to influences and transactions with it environment. The Transformation Model seen here provides a framework for viewing an organization as a living system. Using this model, leaders can see how the pieces of the organization fit together and then make conscious decisions about how to improve their effectiveness. The model reduces organization complexity to seven key elements: Results, Environment, Strategy, Core Process, Structure, Systems and Culture. These seven elements are viewed as a whole system of interrelated parts which must fit together and be closely coordinated if the organization is to be successful. High Performance can be built into every aspect of the business by using the model to guide a comprehensive and integrated approach to change.

The seven elements of this model form the “big picture” of the organization. The first step is to analyze and understand each of the elements in order to know what is working or not working in the organization and how the elements are affecting each other. The next step is to adjust or redesign the elements so they are better aligned to the strategy and to each other. Using this Transformation Model to analyze and realign the organization will improve key results and lead to increased effectiveness. For more information on how you can use Modlin Business Solutions to walk you through this process, fill out the contact form and someone will contact you. You can become a High Performance business with increased productivity and profitability starting today.