Training is often considered a luxury that only large corporations can offer to their employees. Not with Modlin Business Solutions. We consider training to be a necessity for the small to medium sized businesses that want to stay ahead and be a high performance company.
We offer customized training that fits your budget. We can offer one on one or small group training. We offer training in almost any soft skill  including leadership, customer service, communication, conflict resolution, sales, and many more.
We provide training courses in two formats: Leadership Core Skills and High Performance Series.
Core Leadership Skills are courses that can be taken individually without a prerequisite. These are courses that don’t build on another course but are essential topics that will develop your leaders with tools and skills to change behavior.  Courses include topics such as Building Trust, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication Skills.
High Performance Series are the courses that build upon the core skills and help leaders take them to the next level and develop high performance teams. Leaders will learn about the team model and how to implement it in the organization. These  are taken as a package and require a subscription.

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