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Invest in your Employees this year with the 12 Week Employee Development Series. These weekly workshops cover important topics your emerging leaders need to learn. Order by January 31, 2022 and receive 50% off the regular cost!


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With the Compass Series You'll Learn:

In reality, goods and services are not sold but products and services are bought by customers. Leaders in today’s rapidly changing business world have determined that there is more to success than just slick advertising. Whether it is a business, professional practice, a health care facility, or government agency, success comes to those organizations that are dedicated to great customer service. Coaching employees on great customer service is of utmost importance to stay ahead of the competition and keep your business prospering.

​“Time is money.” – Those that can manage time will increase the bottom line! Effective time management is essential to success. The most successful organizations in the 21st century will require employees who are effective time managers that know how to set and reach goals based on the organization’s vision and values.

Strong leaders in today’s fast-paced business world realize that employees who are adept at managing conflict are crucial to success. To stay competitive, high performance organizations realize that they must effectively manage the conflict that occurs among their employees.

Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader’s success.  "He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively."– Anonymous It is especially important for leaders to learn the difference between giving out information and communicating effectively because true communication means the message is getting through and understood while also allowing feedback.

A great leader inspires others to find confidence in themselves. Supervisors play a key role in any organization. They are responsible for creating a link between upper management and front-line employees, and they have a dramatic impact on employee performance and behavior.

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7 Reasons why your company needs employee development

No one will deny that the last two years have been tumultuous in the business world. Challenges with the pandemic, chip shortages, supply and demand, cost of material and the lack of workers has caused many businesses to lose profits if not balance on the brink of closing. Employee Development is one area that is in desperate need of improvement for most companies. Take a look at the seven benefits:

ONE: For companies to remain competitive in their niche, the organization must continue to outperform the competition. Employee development can help the organization meet – and even exceed – performance expectations.

TWO: Today's business environment is all about constant change. And that change not only brings challenges (for the workforce), but if handled properly, it also opens previously unexpected opportunities. It is therefore vital for the workforce to be able to handle ever-evolving situations quickly and effectively. Adaptable employees are great at improvising solutions where employees with less-developed skills would simply accept the status quo. One of the benefits of having a well-defined employee development program is that it can equip employees to better handle the unexpected.

THREE: HR professionals can attest to the fact that it’s not just enough to advertise job vacancies – it’s equally important for prospective employees to want to apply for those posts. If the latter is absent, companies will not attract the best and the brightest to help them remain competitive.

According to a Whitepaper produced by ATD Research (sponsored by Paradigm Learning) - titled Building a Culture of Learning, The Foundation of a Successful Organization - companies are more competitive and agile, and their workforce more engaged when there’s a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing across the organization. Helping develop employee talent, including through tactics such as personalized development plans, creates a highly attractive working environment. According to the study such organizations, that have a mature learning culture, are three-times more likely to use that fact as a recruitment tool. And implementing a robust employee development program is the first step in that direction.

FOUR: Investing in employee skills development programs is important to ensure that the workforce can do what they must do to “keep the ship afloat”. However, employee development can also be a big money-saver in the longer-term.

FIVE: If an organization is to grow, survive and thrive in the long-term, it needs to build a continuous stream of would-be-leaders. Unfortunately, leadership skills rarely come from attending Ivy League institutions or going on weekend leadership workouts – though that helps.

Organizations with strong leadership demonstrate a +37% rise in revenue per employee and +9% in gross profit margin, according to the report of Bersin by Deloitte - High-Impact Leadership. The New Leadership Maturity Model.

SIX: Having a workforce that’s fully committed and engaged with the organization at every level is vital for success. Driving employee engagement, so that they remain motivated to the company’s mission, is a function of various factors, such as a good working environment, employee recognition and appreciation, frequent communication and great training.

Studies by the Dale Carnegie institute found that a highly engaged workforce can lead to exceptional productivity improvements – as high as 202%. In fact, 85% of leaders believe that employee engagement is a strategic priority.

According to Gartner, globally, employee engagement is low and has been low for at least the last two decades. The latest Gartner Global Talent Monitor finds that only 32% of employees globally report high levels of intent to stay and only 14% report high levels of discretionary effort day to day.

A well-defined employee engagement program can balance all the critical employee motivational factors, including training and skills development, to deliver the benefits of a fully-motivated workforce across the company.

SEVEN: To be a true market leader in one's niche, it is important for companies to be nimble, flexible and accommodative to the needs of their customers and partners. Having a well-balanced workforce, that has the skills to innovate and compete for new business opportunities, is one benefit that robust employee development plans offer to organizations. Such programs not only develop existing skills but can be used to deliver longer-term competitiveness by instilling new skills that might be needed in the future.

In summary, therefore, a well-trained, dynamic and highly motivated workforce is crucial to any organization. And the best way to raise employees to such standards is to invest in their ongoing development. Such employees not only offer financial benefits to the organization, in terms of profitability and performance improvements, but they help with employee morale and retention.


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The Compass Series allows a company to purchase "seats" for as many employees as they want to go through the 12 week program. Once a seat is purchased, the employee will be shipped a participant guide and then the workshops will be held once a week for 2 hours each. During the 2 hours employees will be engaged in activities that include question and answers, group discussions, role playing and videos.

The facilitator will monitor attendance and progress by the participants and communicate regularly with the employee's company and manager if requested.

There are limited seats for each session to keep the learning engaging and beneficial for each participant.


... is that after an employee participates in two sessions and doesn't feel there is any value/benefit from the content, we will refund your entire cost upon written request.




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